Kozouf is a decorative universe made of paper and a lot of origamic fun (from the name 'Origami', the art of Japanese paper folding). In love with paper, Celine evolves in this world playing with patterns and folds to help all those who want to add a touch of color and originality to their everyday life! 



Products are handmade with care. From cutting paper to folding, assembling and wrapping the finished product, his handmade production contributes to make each product unique and delicate.



Seeking innovation and originality is at the heart of Kozouf's concerns - which strives to offer unique designs. This qapproach even ends up with the creation of special patterns for the folded papers.



Kozouf aims to arouse emotions and pleasure, while wakening the creavity that lies behind each one of us. Through this mission, the brand try to make people (re)discover the infinite decorative possibilities that paper has.


I wanted to offer unique and affordable decorations (so much for the style than the wallet! ) but especially paper-focused, as I love this material.
Beyond that, I hoped my creations would provoke some emotions and give people the desire to create as well.

Behing Kozouf hides Céline Ozouf. Hence C-Ozouf=Kozouf where K stands for C for love for straight lines rather than curves!

Having worked in marketing in France, she settles in Montreal in 2015. This new beginning takes her away from her confort zone and so knocks down a lot of personnal barriers. Entrepreneurship has more and more appeal and while she was already creating decorative stuff for her entourage, she starts thinking about developing and sharing products at a larger scale. That is how Kozouf was born at the end of 2015, with a strong attraction for visual and decorative arts.

Since then, the brand has evolved and now offers a large range of decorative accessories and objects using origami figures in jars or cloches. She also kept a range of cards and posters with whom she began this adventure.

You can find all this in shops in Montreal and in Quebec, during events and craft fairs or online.





Behind Kozouf there is also (and espescially!) YOU. Because without you the brand would not exist, and that the decorations are never as beautiful as in your homes.. do not hesitate to share pictures of the products you adopted with the hashtag #KOZOUF. Thus, you will be able to find yourself in the honor roll and perhaps get a chance to win a surprise during one of the three lucky draws of the year!