Origami - Windmill

Origami - Windmill

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Origami windmill folded in a patterned paper, and fixed on a woodstick.
Perfect for all of your creative and decorative projects - or simply to decorate a table, a shelf or a desk!

Paper and size are customizable . Do not hesitate to ask!

⚡ Size: around 30cm high with the wood stick / 15cm diameter for the windmill.
⚡ Materials: Patterned paper, wood stick, brass fastener, glue.
⚡ Packaging: In a rigid cardboard envelope to prevent it of being crushed during transportation.


Sold by the piece, in batch of 5 of in batch of 10.
⚡ By the piece: 5$
⚡ Batch of 5: 22.5$
⚡ Batch of 10: 40$